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Buyer Representation Plan

In this real estate marketplace, buyers need the aggressive representation we provide. We will help you successfully find and negotiate an offer on your dream home. We will protect you throughout the entire process - we are one of the few REALTORs in the Twin Cities who will demand that you get a clean title (see below).

  • Discussion and explanation of agency relationships and buyer representation contracts.

  • Discussion and explanation of how to buy a foreclosure, short-sale and/or auction home.

  • Determine buyer's goals and housing needs, describe process of home buying, seller disclosure issues, buyer pre-approval, home inspections.

  •  Hot MLS Search: We enter you into our MLS search software and you will automatically be emailed new listings the instant they are entered into the MLS.

  •  Daily showings of new homes at your earliest convenience.

  •  Explain what to look for while viewing properties, evaluate and analyze the differences in properties, explain mechanical systems, siding, windows.

  •  Check comparable home values and prepare a competitive market analysis prior to recommending an offering range.

  •  Review Sellers Property Disclosure Statements and Truth in Housing Reports.

  •  Explain difference between city housing reports vs. third party inspections vs. mortgage appraisal reports and which one do you want to rely on.

  •  Counsel on what to say or not say to listing agent if viewing home without Guertin Family Realty at open house, counsel on how to work with "For Sale By Owners."

  •  Counsel for re-sale value (potential and historical statistics), determine how long buyers plan to stay in home.

  •  Ask about existing homeowners warranty.

  •  Verify age of structure.

  •  Ask about property assessments (Sewer Access Charge - SAC).

  •  Acquire subdivision/zoning restrictions.

  • (lake properties have public access - through your property?).

  •  Locate well and septic tank - check non-conforming septic systems.

  •  Locate any underground storage tank (abandoned gas tanks).

  •  Check square footage for accuracy.

  •  Verify lot size through previous plat (get survey from city).

  •  Check for flood plain, easements, encroachments on recorded plat.

  •  Verify property owners through tax records.

  •  Verify utilities and average bills .

  •  Check with local planning authority for future development plans in area.

  •  Check for future street expansion.

  •  Check for commercial development nearby.

  •  If townhouse, obtain association information, including current financials, rules, regulations, pending and future assessments, pet requirements, etc.

  • Check real property tax and assessments.

  •  Verify building permits used for any prior modification.

  •  Recommend that an attorney review documents before they are signed.

  •  Read and review new construction/builders purchase agreements before signing.

  •  Verify builder's credentials and call at least 10 new construction references.

  •  Physically drive out to new construction site and talk with neighbors who have already completed new construction with builder(s). 

  •  Recommend professional property inspections to cover: Structural condition of property,
  •  Counsel the pro's and con's of home features and locations.

  •  Prepare purchase agreement, explain the process, contingencies (risks and rewards) clauses, multiple offers, structure offer that is in buyer's best interest, earnest money, price, inspections, closing date, possession date, personal property, sellers pay closing costs, down payment, financing terms.

  • Present the offer in person to the seller whenever possible, emphasize the the strength of the buyer and offer to seller, counsel buyer on counteroffer, negotiate and counsel buyer with seller's response, review and make sure the offer is the final form as negotiated, obtain all proper signatures, provide copies to buyer.
  • Recommend professional property inspections to cover: Structural condition of property, Roof condition and remaining life, HVAC system, Electrical capacity, Plumbing systems, Pool pump and line, Well capacity, Water purity, Septic System, Synthetic Stucco, Radon, Condition of appliances, Presence of termites, carpenter ants, pests in attic, etc., Presence of excess moisture, evident of prior water leakage, mold, Presence of lead based paint, Lead in water, Formaldehyde insulation, Asbestos in ceiling or around plumbing.
  • Arrange inspection and review inspection report, provide counsel and negotiate inspection issues, follow-up on all inspections/contingencies, verify work completed.
  •  Mortgage lender follow-up: provide all documents to lender, verify appraisal ordered and Transaction Closing Costs provided.
  •  Ensure seamless transaction by coordinating entire process from offer acceptance to closing, arrange closing, give buyers list of utility companies.
  •  Demand you receive a clean title that does not have any clouds that are insured over with "Letter of Indemnity."
  •  Verify title work is complete and explain title insurance to buyer.

  •  Verify all terms of the purchase agreement have been met and negotiate any last minute issues.

  •  Counsel buyers on what to expect at closing and what to bring to closing. We specialize in less than one-hour closings because we do our homework before the closing.

  •  Arrange for and attend final walk-through inspection.

  •  Attend the closing, go through the HUD with the buyer, exchange keys, garage door openers, verify possession date and time, homestead filing and register to vote,

  •  Follow-up after the sale for any questions or issues with the new home, keep copy of all paperwork for six years.

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